7 most creative campaigns that killed the Internet!

Social Media is a powerful tool when it comes to raging the best of the campaigns to the world. The more user-centric the campaign and creative, the more the talk.

There are about 3.8 billion social media users worldwide with 84% of users lying in the 18-29 age group.

Whether it’s to connect with your friends and family, find a movie, or develop a business, social networks are the hub to build connectivity.

Studies show that worldwide spending on social media advertising is expected to shoot up to $50 billion by 2021. Social media campaigns are the stepping ladder of your marketing strategy: a storyboarding way of building brand reputation, community and scaling business.

Here are some creative Campaigns that made an impression and impact around the globe!

1. Burger King

Campaign: #BurnThatAd

Burger King’s competitors McDonalds ad allowed its customers to turn an ad into coupons. They used Burger King App with Augmented Reality as functionality to turn McDonald’s ads into coupons in Brazil. 

Here’s how the fire began!

Key takeaways:

Burn that ad, enabled people to get a free Whooper for burning the ad. The AR technology was a step to tackle the competition’s presence of billboards, magazine ads, discount coupons and others.

Source: Google

Burger King gave the power of control to the consumers, thereby increasing the reach. The experience of flames burning away leaving the screen with free whooper gave the experience of truly winning a whopper!

The campaign was exclusive to the users who owned the app, which turned a blind to users not owning one. The AR could’ve been extended globally via burger King websites leaving the users the hassle of downloading the app.

2. Nike

Campaign: Dream Further

Nike is the god when it comes to social media. Nike kicked off a campaign for the Women’s football team in 2019 releasing empowering vide. Ahead of the Fifa Women’s World Cup, Nike released a campaign that features a girl lining up with some of the women footballers.

England and Arsenal player Alex Scott is showcased as the first women’s coach of Barcelona The video, which ends with the message: “Don’t change your dream. Change the world” brings out a strong message to the game.

“This team wins. Everyone wins”

Key Takeaways:

The campaign showcases shattering ceiling glass with its last ad, has been hailed on social media with more than 82,000 retweets, garnered praise from fans.

The support for the Women’s football team achieved new records of fan following and making headlines on the mainstream media. Nike finally gave the women’s soccer team the groundbreaking ad it deserves. has been hailed on social media.

3. Cadbury Silk

Campaign: #SayitwithSilk

Valentine’s is that time of the year, where brands focus on sharing stories infused with love. Cadbury Silk was focusing a lot more on personalisation through our products and communication. From the limited edition products, to the little heart flap chocolate packets- the love story saga began!

Key Takeaways:

People starting sharing content to get their hands on limited edition. The campaigns creatives themselves tell a story, the valentine day struck a cupid with this campaign. With people sharing their stories of proposing, sharing a Silk with. their partner, chocolate gift baskets, gift bouquets. All were

Source: Pinterest

People did pop their hearts out!

With its popular product ‘Dairy Milk’, Cadbury paints a picture of nostalgia, love and happiness in our minds.


The product communication is revolved around young love, the missing angle with these campaigns are the old age couples, the eternal love that never withers!

4. Chipotle

Campaign: Chipotle for real

Chipotle drives with the story of food with integrity. With an innovative new Instagram account, highlighting all the ingredients they use throughout their products.

Chipotle celebrated its true identity with featuring all of its ingredients prominently.

Chipotle introduces new ‘For Real’ campaign placing its real ingredients in the spotlight with this print advertisement.

“Chipotle’s new For Real tagline and mission brings us back to our roots and reflects the principles we were founded on 25 years ago,” said Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Chipotle.

“Chipotle has always emphasised food prepared fresh daily in all of our restaurants and we wanted this campaign to highlight that, reflecting our real principles and ‘real’ as a way of acting in the world. While often long and complicated ingredient lists are common in today’s food industry, we like to say the only ingredient that’s hard to pronounce at Chipotle is ‘Chipotle’.”

Key Takeaways:

Chipotle stayed true to it’s brand and highlighted the raw roots- their identity. The core idea of how their food taste, and the key secret ingredients behind their yummy dishes. Chipotle standing for real food signifies the food industry’s core value with real base ingredients.

With no flashy photoshoots, minimal idea & greaty impact makes this campaign stnd out from the crowd and give its own uniqueness.

The ad encouraged us—consumers and restaurants and farmers—that “cultivating a better world” is within reach

5. Netflix India

Campaign: ‘What a Shot’

Netflix was founded in 1997, and it came to India in 2016. With the demand for content on digital platform surged, Netflix India kicked in bringing Rick & Morty to FRIENDS, soon it became a whole entertainment on one platform. The youngster’s TV: Netflix.

The rise in OTT platforms diversified content options and expanded categories with Sports, Events, Stand-up, Reality shows & others. When it was time for IPL to take over, Disney+Hotstar usage spiked and Netflix saw a downfall.

Key takeaways:

To tackle the reality and not fighting too hard. Netflix released a campaign addressing what their platform provides for entertainment, but missed on Sports! A subtle way of communicating, we are here for the Entertainment & we’ll see you soon!

Addressed to cricket fans, this campaign resonated with users who would ditch a house party for a Netflix binge-watch night!


What missed was, highlighting what one is waiting for on Netflix:
“We’ll see you soon for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion” would have bought the curiosity!

6. Spotify

Campaign: There’s A Playlist For That’

Spotify smartly used the meme and short videos culture to cultivate a kick-ass campaign. With the core value of music lovers and occasional boredom music users, Spotify conceptualised the concept of “Music for Everyone and every mood”

Spotify was trying to have a chill conversation with the audience, what better than taking over the meme culture?! The campaign is targeted to their strong millennial market with formats ranging from conversation and dropping the truth bombs!

Key Takeaways:

Spotify targeted the ads on billboards, digital giving an overhaul to the building meme culture. Fitting right through the culture, demographics & humour the campaign soon got viral. With the help of data science and AI, the ads were more personalised and regionally specific.

Better? They killed it at every shot!

How would I frame it:

The advertisement could be more appealing. The ad was one-way and did not introduce the 2-way communication for the consumers to engage. The missing hashtag would have bought the engagement on Social media and stories.

Annoyed of being taken for granted as the middle child?
There’s a playlist for that! 😁

7. Deadpool: Digital DVD Release Campaign

Deadpool as the character was build with crass jokes and features differing from other super-hero movies.  When Deadpool was releasing the DVD/Bluray of the movie, they owned social with the creative set of campaigns.

Against all odds, deadpool successes came out blazing guns and flaring appreciation. The adverts resonated as though deadpool was in the room while building the social media strategy.

Key Takeaways:

With showcasing the out of the box and unique personality into storyboarding the campaign, stood out with its tone and style across multiple social channels. Deadpool is humorous, witty, sassy and sharp with its dialogues, resonating more with the audience naturally!

What can we follow from this campaign?

Define the voice and tone of your brand. Research what type of communication you want to send and keep it consistent across every piece of the story you publish and interact with your audience. Most important, personalise and curate creative responses to the followers.

Key things to understand when you blast campaign on Social:

  1. Understand the tone of voice from your Target Audience
  2. Give Exclusivity to your followers. Build Advocacy from them
  3. Build CRM Social on all your platforms
  4. Optimise your SEO content
  5. Showcase your hero products on Instagram Shop
  6. Pull YT audience to Social Media
  7. Promote company culture
  8. Introduce more engaging handles on new engaging platforms like: Instagram, Snapchat.
    1. . If you are an ed-tech company: Have more Content driven channels that students can use as a notes for a quick revision.
    2. Glorify your teachers and build a teacher’s brand
    3. Teach with a story: Illustration, Doodles
    4. Integrate Technology: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
    5. Invest on Video content: Short Reels/ Hack

Structure your campaigns with clear goals. Ideate. Resonate & Craft! 🌻

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