Upcoming 365’s…

These 365 days.


As you grow, you realize that New year is just another day.

A swap towards a new calendar.

Or a change of ‘201y’ to the dd/mm/yyyy

A periodical change to the timeline. The real change musters with Perspectives.

Perspectives that change.

The ones that begin to taper the way you reflect upon.

Promise your soul to be more considerate towards the human race, living beings.

Acknowledge their grief, sorrows, joy.

Be with them in the time of triumph and numb.

Kindness and empathy towards one another, Build that.

This year.

To not let people down.

Put that on your list,

Not as a resolution

But as a to-do-list.

List for your soul, list for you.

Towards the wilderness and thoughts you owe, may these 365 bring us the strength to manage ourselves.

Strength to put yourself on the top priority.

To build selflessness minus selfishness.

Owe yourself that!

Laden with humanity, peace and patience.

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