Injustice? You should be concerned! 

To every side that you take, Choose!

Source: Google

Choose to be on the right side rather than calling yourself neutral. When you don’t speak out, you’re indirectly taking the side of the oppressor. Yes, do you realise that? Walking away from the injustice because you don’t wanna get involved in an ‘unnecessary act of screenplay’ thinking it’s not unwary on your part. 

When you live in a society, to look into right and wrong should come inherently. And there’s no doubt that one should develop a sense of empathy for the outcasts. It may be your domestic help or a victim of domestic violence right in your lane who is suffering. It might be some kid beaten up in the alley. Do you think it’s right to walk away from these things? 

I’ve seen people arguing that, they would rather let the wrong happen and turn around unjustly than supporting the minority. Because it’d isolate them from the majority. This is fucked up right? This often happens at every stage, whether its a school project scenario or taking a stand at the workplace. 

You might want to have an unbiased state of mind, you believe that everyone deserves equality. We cannot expect the justice to persist and come serve us. But who are the stakeholders here? Are we benefitting from this?

Being ‘Neutral’ on social issues doesn’t mean you’re doing justice to your belief but instead,  you’re giving a chance to think that he/she is doing nothing wrong.   

Next time you walk around, be neutral  Take the side of  JUSTICE.

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